Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to school

Tomorrow I will go back to school. I'm so excited to see my good friends again. I like school days because I can see my good teacher, Teacher Laili and my friends Yus, Sofiatul, Anis Fatini, Azizah, Mheera, Mirza and Yusof. I had received the prize for number 2 in my class last year. My friend Sofiatul Jannah had gotten the prize for number 3 in my class too. And my friend Md. Shah Mirza had gotten number 1 in my class. Do you want to see me and Sofiatul sitting in the graduation hall? And here we are! Sofiatul is funny and wacky. My friend Yus Shahiera is also wacky and she wears a headscarf like me. For my belated birthday, she gave me a soft orange toy fish and Sofiatul gave me a toy egg with a baby bird in it. I love my presents very much.

My day

Today my father brought me, my mother and my sister to the cinema to watch a movie called Ratatouille (rat-a-too-ee). The story was funny. In the movie , I saw a rat named Remy. Remy dreamt of becoming a chef. But one day, Remy befriended a boy named Linguini who couldn't cook . Linguini asked Remy to be his little chef. Remy agreed with what Linguini asked. When Linguini opened the jar, Remy ran away from Linguini. Linguini felt so sad. While Remy was running away from him, suddenly he stopped. Remy felt pity for Linguini and decided to help Linguini instead.

I like the movie very much. I rate it 10/10.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Am I angry

In my school, my friends always tease me. I am so angry that I want to kick their bottoms off. Sometimes, they tease about me and my boyish self. The girls always tease me about my things. My enemy, her name is Shaza, said ''Hey everyone Alya is talking to her bag .'' Everyone laughed so loud that my cheeks turned red. And the boys tease what I have. Some of my friends don't like my idea and my stuff. I am so so angry that I want to put balls in their mouths. My friends who tease me are rich people except Yusof and Mirza. And that's how they tease me.